we are all about nature

Clare Spring is an environmentally friendly, family run company located deep in the rolling hills of Co. Clare. Our process lines are 100% automated and designed to run a wide range of both glass and plastic bottles. Our bottling plant is powered completely by wind energy in order to reduce our carbon footprint. Our Pure Irish Spring water is naturally filtered through Organic land and drawn from a protected underground source.

we are all about product

There are many sizes of bottled water to choose from in the Clare Spring & Wellness range.Clare Spring Water is drawn from organic land and so is guaranteed to be pure and free from pollutants. Clare Spring continues to expand the range of bottled water

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    WE ARE ALL ABOUT the environment

    Your environment is what surrounds you – the air you breathe, the water you drink, the food you eat and the many plants and animals growing and living around you. You want to do all in your power to keep that environment clean for yourself, your family and for all the generations to come after you. You choose to do all you can to make sure that what you take into your body is pure, clean and organic, so that you are as healthy as you can be. And you want to keep your carbon footprint as low as possible by making sure that the products you use are locally sourced and processed in a way that is friendly to your environment. We want all this too. Our environmental outlook underpins everything we do – and how we do it.


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    We used a number of suppliers before we found Clarespring. Paul and the team made every effort to understand our delivery requirement. We have never looked back!

    It’s simple, it’s the quality of the product. Our customers just love it. Clarespring our just passionate about their business and it shows in the product

    Relying on a trusted supplier is paramount in the hospitality business. Paul understands this. Clarespring have never let us down.